Range Analysis and Planning

Range Analyses performed by Wildland Solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of each ranch owner or agency manager. The needs of each customer are identified and the appropriate data are collected and presented as understandable information. The most recent version of ESRI ARC-GIS software is utilized to produce high quality maps that can be interpreted and utilized to make important decisions related to rangeland resources such as Livestock Utilization of Forage, Pasture Acreage, Permitted Season of Use, and the establishment of Key Areas for Monitoring. Traditional facilities maps that show fences, access roads, and water sources are also produced.

Examples from range analyses prepared for different clients include:

forage_utilization_image Livestock utilization map showing use levels within each management unit (pasture) of a moderate sized property. In this case use is expressed as remaining herbage, with low herbage levels occurring as the result of high utilization.

pasture_acreage_image A permitted season of use map created for a TNC property showing season of use for each management unit (pasture) based on vegetation type and management objectives.

GIS Expected-Use Maps

GIS Expected-Use Maps that predict livestock use patterns for large rangeland areas can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of rangeland planning efforts. For details, read this article that was been published in the April 2000 Society for Range Management publication Rangelands.

The Need for Adaptive Management

Keith believes that intelligent management of our natural resources requires an understanding of the dynamics within nature. The outdated "Balance of Nature" concept has created numerous problems as people try to force a balance that mother nature just isn't willing to agree with. Managers of natural resources need to forget the wishful thinking implied in the "Balance of Nature" concept and gain an understanding of the Chaos theory, which is much more relevant to management of natural resources. Check out Keith's poster encouraging people to recognize the dynamics of the inherent chaos found in nature. Feel free to download a copy of the poster for your personal use.

Rangeland Plans developed by Wildland Solutions incorporate the essential components of adaptive management that is needed to compensate for the inherent chaos and constant swings in productivity found in all rangeland ecosystems.