Monitoring Annual Grassland RDM

RDM Guide cover

The Wildland Solutions Monitoring Annual Grassland Residual Dry Matter publication was developed to meet the needs of ranchers, technicians and agency personnel who wish to effectively monitor and manage RDM levels of California annual grassland range-types. The original Wildland Solutions photo guide was published first in 1998 and has been used extensively as a reference aid by individuals teaching range management and water quality short courses within California Annual rangeland vegetation types.


The extensively revised and updated 2008 version contains three parts and a reference section:

  • The first part discusses the WHY of RDM monitoring. Rationale with both ecological and managerial reasons to monitor RDM are provided.
  • The second part provides a step by step HOW TO develop and implement a successful RDM monitoring program.
  • The third part consists of an RDM photo guide that can be utilized as an aid for efficient monitoring of RDM levels. The RDM photo guide is based on the basic principles presented by Hormay in 1942 for the judgment of forage utilization on California annual type rangelands. The Wildland Solutions version was first published in 1998 and incorporates high quality color photographs with easy to understand narrative descriptions.

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